Hi everyone
Does anyone have an advice regarding milk banks? I am a future mother of a baby born via donor egg surrogacy. We are now awaiting th confirmation from the agency that the surrogate was matched. However, I am already concerned about giving my baby a baby formula. I know that it may be too early. but I have waited for things to finally took off for years. And now it looks like we are almost there. Especially when it is came to an agency being responsible for everything. I know that it is not good to not participate in the program, but it is stated i the aggreement. I suppose our agency not the only one in it.
Anyways, our baby will be fed with baby formula when still in Ukraine. However, we are planning to either hire someone or get the milk in the milk bank or something. as it is better in our opinion.
Also, since it is an international surrogacy, we cannot really ask our carrier to provide us with milk. You know.
The agency has told us that they use Nutrilon to feed the newborns. I am not sure about it. But I trust doctors. I know that all of them are professionals and know better. But the questions remains.
Thank you!