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    Need more milk

    I have been breastfeeding for two and a half months and my baby feeds every 1.5- 2 hours, however I think my supply is low as my baby sometimes cries after as if still hungry. So as advised by my GP I have started giving formula until my supply is up. Im not really happy about combination feeding and would prefer to exclusively breastfeed.

    Can you recommend anything to help increase my supply? I try to drink water after every feed and eat regular healthy snacks to keep my hunger at bay and energy levels up, though I do feel tired most the time. Aswell as taking Pregnacare for breastfeeding, though I don't think that's enough.

    Any advice would be appreciated . Thanks

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    This is good sharing your story. I am a mother of one. I have been through a lot before conceiving myself this child. So when I conceived I wanted the best for the baby. I went for more parental help in Bio texcom clinic. According to what the doctor told me, it differs with yours. I was told to BF my child for 6 moths. During this period I should not give the child any other thing. The baby should strictly be only breastfeeding. Then thereafter I could try other things. Like cerelac or formula. But since it was the doctors prescription. I do not want to go against. But it could have been better if your child could be feeding only on your milk. This makes the bay resistant to many illnesses. Children especially less than 6 months tend to be sick quite often. But with the mothers milk it beats the immunity. Rather than feeding the baby formula. I think it could be better if you found ways of boosting your supply. Have you tried lactation? You cam do online research to boost your supply too.

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