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    As you become involved with our online discussion forums, you will find that not everyone may have seen past messages. It's therefore considered polite to quote from a message you're replying to, so your response has context. It's also considered polite to keep those quotes short and relevant.

    1. Refrain from personal abuse. You may express robust disagreement with what someone says, but don't call them names or threaten them with personal violence or harass them.
    2. Don't spam. That is, don't repeatedly post the same advertisement for products or services. Most sites have strict and specific rules about who is allowed to post ads and what kind of ads they are.
    3. Don't offer to sell any prescribed medication. This is illegal.
    4. Write clearly and succinctly. On a site that has many non-native English speakers, avoid using slang they may not understand.
    5. Remember that your posts are public. They can be read by your partner, your children, your parents, or your employer.
    6. Stay on-topic, especially when you're new. Don't post about football in a hair-care forum or about hair care in a gardening forum!
    7. Don't expect other people to do your homework for you. If you're looking for technical help, for example, don't ask questions you could easily answer yourself by reading the manual or online help provided with the product. When you do ask for help, include details of what attempts you've made to solve the problem. It will save time and also show people that you are making an effort to help yourself.
    8. Do not post copyrighted material to which you do not own the rights. Sites vary in how strict they are about this, but as well as facing the possibility of legal action by the rights holder, you may also get the site sued.
    9. The site's owner, perhaps assisted by one or more moderators, has the final say in enforcing the rules.
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