Hi! Iím here as I need some help and advice. When I was in my early twenties, I had a surgery inside my womb. I think itís the main reason why I have Ashermanís syndrome now. Firstly, I didnít notice anything special, except my periods got too long and painful. I decided to consult my gyny. She asked me to do an ultrasound checkup which revealed my illness. I had a surgery and all my tissues were removed. The doctor has put a coil inside my womb. At first everything was ok, but last week I had an ultrasound check which revealed that my tissues came back. Iím 35 years old and I want to become a mum. Do I have any chances to conceive and carry a child by myself?
P.S. Is there anybody here with the same health problem? How did you get pregnant? Did you ask a surrogate to help you or conceive and get birth naturally? Please share your experience with me.