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What's the right IVF treatment for you?

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A lot of people don't know that treatment differs a lot amongst IVF clinics. From down regulating to short protocol to soft/natural cycle to the different cocktail of drugs they use.

IVF is a numbers game, a balance between quantity and quality. Too many eggs and the quality will be diluted, too little eggs and you have less chance of going to day 5 (a blastocyst), which has a higher success rate.

IVF clinics like to stimulate a woman strongly to get lots of eggs so they can take it to day 5. The problem with this is that they don't take into account a person's underlying health or age. Both age and general health affects egg quality.

As we get older, we become weaker. We have less energy to give to our eggs. It therefore makes sense to stimulate a woman's ovaries gently with a lower dose of fertility drugs if they are in their late 30s or early 40s to get less eggs of better quality.

Less is more!