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  • Your Fertility Journey

    Struggling to have a baby is a very personal and emotional issue, something that is not often shared with friends or even relatives. And for that reason it can often feel like a lonely journey. If this sounds like you, rest assured you are not alone.

    More and more couples are finding it harder than they thought to have a child. People donít realise that many others are in the same boat until they start to talk about it with friends or work colleagues.

    Half of women with fertility challenges find it the most stressful experience of their lives.

    The majority of women look to have a child later in life, usually from their thirties onwards. This is after they have built up their career, better know who they are, saved a deposit for a property and finally found someone they can share their life with.

    Mentally and emotionally, many women are in a better place to settle down and start a family. It therefore comes as a real shock that as they are mentally and emotionally stronger, their body has gone the other way and become weaker.

    It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples experience fertility challenges and this number is growing. There are a many reasons as to why this number is increasing; age, stress, poor diet, hectic lifestyles, environmental toxins, pharmaceutical side effects, etc.

    In my experience, it is seldom one problem; itís usually a combination of factors. Therefore, the best form of treatment is to tackle all the various issues to form a strong, combined treatment plan that will have the best outcomes.

    Today, with couples leaving it later in life to start a family, funding issues for assisted reproduction, the advent of the internet, and the advance of alternative medicines, have left women sourcing information from a variety of different places to combine the best possible treatment they can to have a successful pregnancy.

    In most cases, itís the woman in the relationship that will source all the information on how to have a successful pregnancy. This often means either finding all the relevant information they can on the next step or thinking of the worst case scenario, planning for that and working backwards.

    In either case, its left up to women to project manage and plan their own fertility treatment. My Fertility Manual assists these women to project manage their fertility journey efficiently and effectively, helping them to have a baby.

    Extracts from the book My Fertility Manual by Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto