My Pregnancy GuideMy Pregnancy Guide is based on my 20 years clinical experience in helping women during pregnancy and the latest scientific evidence sourced from over 750 research studies. This self-help guide blends modern fact-based research together with the ancient theories of Chinese medicine to deliver a powerful and concise understanding of pregnancy and labour.

My Pregnancy Guide explains what to expect in pregnancy, problems you may experience and what to do about them, the impact of COVID-19, an optimal pregnancy diet, supplements to take, pregnancy for dads and how to reduce your baby’s chances to developing autism.

It explains what tests you can have and the various dangers to your baby and how to avoid them, from chemicals in the environment, in foods, cosmetics and household products to pollution, plastics, heavy metals and pharmaceutical drugs.

Advice is given on how to minimise your baby miscarrying or developing any abnormalities and how you can enhance your health for optimal breast-milk production and post labour health.

In-depth explanations are given on how to optimise your lifestyle from exercising, work, sleep to clothing, footwear and even baths versus showers all based on the latest cutting-edge research together with the tried and tested theories of Chinese medicine.

Week by week explanations on how your baby is growing is given along with advice on how to enhance your baby’s development. A large range of supplements are listed to improve mother and baby's health.

Based on the latest scientific research, My Pregnancy Guide also explains how to deal with various pregnancy problems that may develop from gestational diabetes, preeclampsia to constipation and slow baby growth.

Explanations are given on the stages of labour and how to prepare for each step. Fact-based research is given advising on going over 40 weeks and how to prepare for labour, treat a breech baby, pain relief options and acupressure points to encourage labour and a reduction in labour pain. A large range of natural herbs are given to help reduce miscarriage and aid labour.

Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto has been supporting women in pregnancy and labour since 2004, from those who fell pregnant naturally to those that conceived with IVF. This book is a treasure-trove of information that is invaluable to all women who are pregnant.

“I safely delivered a baby boy. I defiantly feel he help to reduce the pain too, as I felt ready to give birth all over again the next day”-Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto - Bachelor of Medicine (Beijing), BSc (Hons) TCM

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