View Full Version : India plans to ban surrogacy

25th August 2016, 11:24 AM
The Indian government has unveiled a draft law which would ban commercial surrogacy.

If approved by parliament, the law will also ban people who do not hold an Indian passport, as well as Indian single parents and gay people, from having children through surrogacy.

Infertile couples would be able to seek a surrogate, which must be a relative.

Infertility groups have criticised the proposed law, saying it could lead to an illegal industry.

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19th December 2017, 11:30 AM
I feel this is so bad. Many of the people who are infertile have only limited solutions. So when you take onw option out you leave them fragile. That means that they have no other means to go to. Especially those that surrogacy is their only hope. I do not know the motive of the decision. But I can say it cannot cover many people. You might even find that the people supporting this do not suffer from infertility. And if they are they have money to seek medical help outside the country. What of the people who do not have funds to do so. But I guess as years go by people will just accept such practices. Maybe they are interfering with their religion or traditions. But people have to note that as days go by things change. It is my hope that the draft will not be passed. I feel those people who are going through infertility. Then surrogacy is the only thing that can help them. It is not good to close someone's else dreams just because you achieved yours. This is the reasons people prefer Ukraine for fertility treatment. Like Bio texcom clinic in Kiev. It is affordable and has the best services that they are even running out of 2018 economy package by the end of this week.